Reasons Why Flat Roofs Are Standard in Commercial Buildings

An industrial flat roof is an essential structural component of every commercial building. A roof adequately built and maintained protects the interior of the building from all types of environmental hazards.

Roofing contractors are responsible for ensuring that the roof is installed correctly with materials that best suit the job. In Calgary, Alberta, we also have to be conscious of the harsh environment we live in and choose materials and installation techniques best suited for the Canadian north.

There are numerous reasons why a flat roof is preferred over other industrial roof types, like metal roofs. A flat roof is cost-effective compared to different roof types, and it is just as efficient as other roofing systems.

They are much cheaper when compared to pitched roofs of similar sizes (due to less overall material), and they also last much longer.

Many contractors that provide roofing services suggest flat roofing as the primary option. Many commercial flat roof contractors also charge less for roofs because of their simplicity in installation.

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Why Flat Roofing?

A flat roof can be expensive when you are installing it for the first time. It can cost you almost 80 cents per foot if you install a high-quality flat roof. It will last for 30 years and even more with minimal maintenance, which is much longer when compared to a typical shingle roof.

Flat roofing companies recommend that people who can increase their budget should go for high-quality roofing materials to raise the roof’s lifespan up to 40 years.


The primary benefit of flat roofing is the cost; the materials used for forming a flat roof are inexpensive, as the roof is not required to have great “Curb appeal.” The labour is economical due to easy installation, and there is less risk in fitting them.

Easy to Install

 A significant advantage of choosing a flat roof for your building is that they are quicker to install and require less repair. 

Flat roof repairs or replacements can be painless, easy, and relatively quick because of the minimal slope.

Great Space Optimization

One of the primary reasons flat roofs have become very common in commercial buildings is that they allow maximum space for placing materials. 

In a commercial building, the flat roof is used to place HVAC and other mechanical systems. The flat roof design can also accommodate amenities like gardens or patios. It minimizes the use of the top floor and acts as a massive storage space.

 You can also use this space for fitting solar panels to save money on electricity. 

Efficient Drainage System

In some commercial and residential systems, the roofs are installed in a sloped manner that facilitates rainwater drainage into the gutter system.

Insignificant commercial buildings, the flat roof provides space for installing an efficient and complex rainwater removal system that aids the drainage of water to avoid blockage issues. Many companies also use this system to collect rainwater and turn rain into a water source.

No fact roof is genuinely flat, as drainage is still achieved with minimal slope deployed in a  strategic flat roofing design.

Durable and Long Lasting

The primary advantage of flat roofing is that it can last over 50 years if you use good quality material. It is a substantial investment which offers the same or better reliability as any other sloped roofing system.

Flat roofs are prevalent because they provide numerous advantages, and they can be seen on a variety of building types, from industrial warehouses, commercial buildings to skyscrapers. They fit into the aesthetic requirements of business districts; they are cost-effective and the best quality material.

W4SR on a flat roof in downtown Calgary
Calgary downtown roof inspection showing water damage on a flat roof

Inspection of Your Roof

Whether installing a flat roof system or any other roof system, it is essential to have the roof inspected periodically by licensed and insured commercial roofing contractors.

  • A minor crack can become a big headache if not managed timely, but regular checking of the roof helps improve its lifespan.
  • Hire professional contractors to repair pipes or leaks because they have all the required equipment to maintain the roof, increasing the building’s efficiency.

When you are looking to install a roof for commercial property, you must consider many factors, including the cost of material, quality, longevity, and performance.

Make sure to hire professional roof contractors to install a commercial roofing system so that it can last for a very long time and protect the interior of your building.

Whalley’s, Four Seasons Roofing, offers a free estimate for your flat roofing service needs. We are well known in the roofing industry for being five-star commercial roofers in Alberta.

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